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Praise for Restorative Hair Tonic, Pure Skin Serum, & Pure Skin Butter

"Restorative Hair Tonic is my new obsession, it literally changed my hair.  My hair has been able to grow so much faster and get so much longer than before.  I will definately continue to get this treatment and reccommend it to anyone struggling with lusterless hair that breaks off."

Ashley H.

"I just love the Restorative Hair Tonic you put on me.  My hair feels thicker and fuller.  The ends look great, no splits.  It's amazing."

Brigid M.

"Did you put a wig on me?  I can't believe my hair is behaving like this, big, shiny, silky, and thick."

Penny D.

"After the Restorative Hair Tonic I wanted you to know that I love my hair and feel be u t ful ;)

Michelle G.

"Pure Skin Butter is magic.  I use it on my face daily.  Great!"

-Julie B.

"Great stuff!  I use it for wrinkles, especially that crepy skin on my arms.  And cracked heels soak it up like mothers milk.  I'm back for more."

-Laura M.

"I love Pure Skin Butter because, frankly, I look better!  I'm 85 years old and I'm narcissistic.  Thank you Pure Skin Butter."

-M. McColl

“After being on my feet all day they were hurting badly.  The following morning I was having trouble putting pressure on the ball of my foot.  I applied Pure Skin Butter after a shower and my foot was pain free the rest of the day.  I love this Pure Skin Butter!!”

-Sara P.

“I spent 2 months in casts after breaking multiple bones in my wrist.  After 2 week the tendon in my thumb snapped from excessive swelling and pressure from the tight casts.  I ended up with a serious disorder, CRPS Hypersensitivity.  The tissues and nerves were seriously damaged in my wrists and arms.  Pure Skin Butter was my go to relief, which I applied several times daily.  At first I could barely touch my skin and my bone pain was just horrible!  I used a jar in a week and it was miraculous to me.  It helped to considerably reduce nerve sensitivity and allowed me and my doctors to really touch and massage my arms.  Amazing – I couldn’t have healed without it.”

-K. Solares

“I took a fall.  Scarred my nose and had two black eyes.  Pure Skin Butter made it all disappear by day three.  Amazing.”

-Molly M.

“I gave my Pure Skin Butter to my friend who has skin cancer; he needs it more than me.”

-R. Larkin

"Pure Skin Butter is amazing!  It got rid of scalp psoriasis patches with one application left on overnight."

-Staci M.

"I used Pure Skin Butter on an oven burn - I applied directly to the burn area.  Within 2 days I could see the burn healing.  After 5 days the burn was gone.  Then I put it on a bug bite and that was gone in 2 day."

-Doris R.

"After trying everything, this is the only thing that has been helping my young baby's eczema.  Thank you so much for making such an amazing product.  We are hooked on it."


"After years of problems with my hands from years of sun damage I was given a cream from the deratologist.  This cream turned my hands into hills and valleys of oozing puss.  My hands were flame red.  In less than one week after switching to Pure Skin Butter my hands were smooth again and returning to normal."

-Dawn P.

*This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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