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Each of our finely crafted hair and skin care products has been developed with the health of our clients central to our mission.

We don't believe in using ingredients that aren't beneficial to you and don't belong in your body.

  • NO Artificial or Synthetic Ingredients

  • NO Parabens

  • NO Xenoestrogens

  • NO SD40 Alcohol

  • NO Artificial Preservatives

  • NO Artificial Scents

-Hand Crafted in Small Batches


Restorative Hair Tonic

This is the one.  Restorative Hair Tonic is the secret ingredient to amazing hair. 

Unavailable for retail sale, Restorative Hair Tonic is a unique in-salon hair repair treatment.  Discover your hair truly transformed with a Tonic that takes your hair from thin, limp, and lifeless, to full, lustrous, and shiny.  

You'll repair your hair's environmental damage, as well as damage from over processing, and chemicals. 


Pure Skin Serum

Pure Skin Serum is an all-natural collagen protein serum that will leave you stunned at your results.  Fine lines around the eyes are a favorite area for this hand crafted serum to show its effectiveness.

We combine a blend of herbal infused oils with essential oils to complete this truly astonishing serum.

  • "I need this serum in my life." -S.K.

  • "It's liquid gold collagen." -J.B.

  • "My facelift in a bottle." -C.O. 


Pure Skin Butter

Pure Skin Butter is our miracle skin cream that is sure to satisfy all of your daily moisturizing needs.  Try Pure Skin Butter on cuts, burns, itchy skin, dry patches and all other skin irritations. 

Experience the luxurious feel of Pure Skin Butter.  Experience your best skin ever.  Pure Skin Butter is sure to leave your skin soft and supple.


The Collagen Mask

Our Collagen Mask is going to leave your face feeling clean and smooth.  Refresh your skin with this invigorating mask and enjoy the delightful peppermint tingle.

Just as with our Restorative Hair Tonic, The Collagen Mask is not available for retail sale.  This is an in-salon service performed by a licensed beautician.

Your skin will love you for it.


Pure Lip Balm

Lush Lips without chemicals or aggressive perfumes.  You'll enjoy soft and moist lips with our fan favorite lip balm.

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